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Habit vs Change

What's up guys! I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge a common theme in many of our everyday lives. Change. It's been a main topic of conversation this year. We know that change is inevitable, we know that it is constant and we know it can bring up feelings like fear or uncertainty. By definition, change is a never ending process of readjustment and re-adaptation; to make different or to exchange one thing for another. Some people thrive in constantly changing environments while others feel most optimal with routine.

Knowing all these things, understanding that we should be open to changing environments, and allowing ourselves a change of opinions; what does this process actually look like? First we need to understand habits.

A habit begins with choice, we always have a choice, right? (we'll get into that in a different blog!). That choice becomes a unconscious pattern and that is what forms a habit. Each habit has the same structure and we will refer to that as a habit loop.

Basically a cue (maybe it's physical or a person or emotion) triggers the brain to go into automatic mode, meaning you hardly think about what your're doing, you just do it because it feels right (this is the reward). Once you understand your habit loop you can work to alter them and then create the desired change.

So, there's the science! Basically what I'm sayin is that in order to create sustainable change we need to focus our attention on our habits. Slow down and notice what you want to change so you can recognize the cues that trigger you.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read, talk to you guys soon!



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